So are you thinking about contacting me to perform for you or your concert series?


I get calls from many folks who want to book me solo, or with or other musical friends, for any number of concert, festival, or private opportunities. I love to get offers to perform here and there, but many calls start with the same notion that I want to dispel: "I don't think I can afford you..." Bottom line is I do my best to work within your budget; I have played in every kind of situation---from small house concerts, to big halls, cruise ships to county fairs. My bottom line is if you want the music that I/we can bring, we will try to make it work.

Of course every situation is different, so every quote is based on that. If you are local to me (Philadelphia area) travel costs will not be high, and in many cases I can provide the sound system if required (such as if a small hall doesn't have a good one). If you are a good distance away and I can't work it easily into a tour, we possibly need to talk about flights and hotels. Those costs are always on top of any performance fee. But I actually don't like the "flying experience" and try to work around that.

I often perform with other fine musicians, including those who play fiddle, guitar, bass, and percussion. Depending on their schedule they might be available too; so if you want to build the sound that option is there.

From a perusal of my website, and perhaps if you have heard me live, you'll see I enjoy many kinds of acoustic and traditional music and stay pretty busy with it. I have found that I can craft performances for nearly any taste (as long as it falls within the areas you'll see overviewed), and I can work within most budgets as long as it is a serious offer. From cowboy to Celtic, original to maritime, music fills my soul and I am sure we can work together. Never hesitate to contact me, email ( works best, and I WILL get back to you!

So what kind of performance are you thinking about?

Charlie Zahm



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