These links are but a few of the performers, organizations and friends that also have sites on the world wide web.  Please visit their pages when you have time.

Roger Whittaker (
What a voice!

Robert Goulet (
One of my favorite singers of all time - the great baratone who set the standard and he will be missed.

Cheryl Prashker (
A truly amazing percussionist, and a joy to perform with.

Kingston Trio (
The group that started the big Folk Boom of the 60s, and is still just as exciting.

Gordon Lightfoot ( (fan site)
One of my favorite singer/songwriters, a great poet of our time.

Stan Rogers (
A wonderful performer who mainstreamed sea music and wrote some really powerful songs. Canada’s greatest writer of the 70s.

Garnet Rogers (
A powerful performer and one of the best touring today.

Glenn Yarbrough (
The fantastic tenor from the Limeliters of the 1960's then his own million-selling records, he sounds better than ever and is often found touring the Pacific Northwest or on his boat sailing the seas. He even sings a couple of Charlie Zahm songs!

John Southard (
One fine keyboardist, John has contributed greatly to my recordings over the years, and we all have to play a little better when he is in the studio!

Full Moon Ensemble (
A wonderful group of musicians based in Alabama. Composed of champion instrumentalists and touching vocalists, these folks have really made a splash on the Celtic circuit!

Mack Bailey (
A great singer and a good friend, Mack, of “The Hard Travelers” fame, has been a DC-area favorite for years.

Will Patton (
One of the best mandolin players around today, period, and it has been a joy to work with him on my CDs.

The Tungsten Trio (
A Kingston Trio tribute group, great guys, fine musicians, and always fun to play with!

Bob Beach (
An AMAZING harmonica player who added so much to "Recent Journeys"!

David Gilchrist (
The brilliant orchestrator for "The Immortal Memory"---a great friend and a pleasure to work with.

The Brigadoons (
My long-time Canadian Celtic friends, always a favorite on the festival circuit.

The Pyrates Royale (
Bringing swashbuckling vocals and raucous comedy, these folks are very popular at Renaissance, Maritime and Celtic festivals all over the place!

Castlebay (
Julia Lane and Freed Gosbee from Maine create some truly beautiful music on a wide variety of instruments. I greatly enjoy singing with them when our paths cross!

Chris Westfall (
A fine singer and guitarist/pianist, I have enjoyed sharing the stage with him many times.

Bruce Davies ( A great guy and wonderful troubadour, and there are darn few of us left!

Target Recording Studios ( Where I do all my recording---Marc Moss knows how to record magic.

Iona (
Some great music comes from this Virginia-based group. Good friends, and they run one of the best Celtic festivals on the East Coast.



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